New Cab General Store live

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The munchkins have been working hard to improve the Cab’s General Store in anticipation of new and wonderful booty related to the coming album. They’ve done an OK job and we may set them free.

New Call Signs stock in and heading out the door at $15 bucks for a limited time.

Black Cab General Store

Black Cab play Melbourne Music Festival

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We’re supporting Tangerine Dream on Sunday 16 November 2014, 7:00pm—11:00pm at Melbourne Town Hall, 90-120 Swanston Street, Melbourne.  James Lee on the main organ. Gearing up to our LP launch show later that month…

More info:


And we’re done.

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Cab’s fourth album has been mixed and will come out this November.

14 tracks, 4 years, 3 studios, 3 producers.

Cab live at Tote Hotel, July 2014…

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Handheld recording of our Winterbound show at Melbourne’s beer stained and iconic Tote Hotel, recorded on handheld Tascam by Tim Niblock (thanks Tim Niblock!).  We welcome anyone interested enough to record our live sets.

Cab’s final show until Fourth Launch, Tote Sun July 20th

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We’re up to our arses in mixing and remixing tracks for the Fourth (it’s coming – no, really it is).  But one last gig before all that release malarky at the Tote on Sun July 20th.  It’ll be loose. Few surprises maybe…

Tix here:


2014 and we’re back – Yah Yah’s Sat May 10th…

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We’re back.

After a well weird 2013 we’re back in the studio again with Woody on dials and what have you to finally complete all tracks for the Fourth.  Some of them are on their fourth mix, so that’s kind of apt. We must be fucking insane.

Anyway, we’ve been asked to do a set at one of our fave Melbourne venues, Yah Yah’s in Collingwood on Saturday May 10th to celebrate their change of ownership. We love Mary and the YY’s gang – they’ve always been super nice to us and shows there are always relaxed and good fun. It’ll also be our only show until late July. It’s free and it’ll be drunk and dancey.

So come join us.




Gershwin Room Sat Nov 16th

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We’re coming close to getting the live show to where we’d like it to be – something you can dance to, lots of free forming improvisation with electronics and some fun AV treatments.  Our recent NSC show was a big step forward and folks seem to dig it.

Here’s a snippet and some pics (awesome visuals by out friends at Select AV)


Next show is at the Gershwin Room, Sat 16th November.  Pre-sales here.

Then it’s Hobart, Wollongong and Sydney!

Updated 2013 shows and Fourth release date

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Yes – you heard that right. Fourth album will finally be released as a double vinyl in June 2014.  Singles (proper ones this time) out in September and another in March with the release of the digital version of the album. I can’t believe the end is in sight…

And here are all shows lined up for the rest of 2013  (who said the Cab were lazy bastards)?

UPDATED 25th Sept…

  • Monday 4th November: Northcote Social Club (full band & club set)
  • Saturday 16th November: Gershwin Room, Melbourne (full band & club set – single launch)
  • Friday 22nd November: Melbourne Music Week (Morning Ritual Festival) 9:30 am! (club set)
  • Sat 23rd November: The Homestead, Hobart TAS
  • Friday 29th November: RAD (formerly Yours & Owls), Woollongong NSW (club set)
  • Saturday 30th November: GoodGod, Sydney NSW (full band – official single launch Sydney)
  • December 1,8,15, 22 - Sunday night residency Cherry Bar Melbourne (club set + guests)

A positive frenzy of shows…

Yah Yah’s Sunday 21st July

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BLACK CAB playing a club show (beats, synth and vox) at Yah Yahs, Sunday 21st July as part of the 2013 Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

We’re helping to kick off the 2013 Gertrude Street Projection Festival as well as end the 2013 Leaps & Bounds Music Festival by playing a free gig at Yah Yah’s, 99 Smith Street Collingwood on Sunday 21st July.

This will be a duo/club show, featuring electronic versions of tracks from their forthcoming fourth album inspired by the Games of the XXI Olympiad (1976 Montreal summer Olympics).

As part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, this show will see Yah Yah’s transformed into an exotic light filled gallery with a collection of projection artists while Black Cab provide the soundtrack. Milica Stanojlovic from will be doing our set.

Black Cab return to Northcote Social Club, Sun June 9th

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We’re returning to one of our favorite Melbourne venues, the Northcote Social Club on Sunday June 9th for a full band show with guests Lowtide and MRSPKR from The Queens Head.  Pre-sales can still be nailed via: and our beloved and long suffering Pozible’s fly VIP. Expect some oldies, newies and those other ones.

In album news, we’ve been tracking some *final* stuff for the last three songs of the new album at Idge’s ace Soundpark studio plus Tim Holme’s continues to mix stuff in London.  We’re finally getting somewhere and the album (at least the digital version – the only physical version will be vinyl) should be out in October or November.

And Sean Simmons at Premier (as well as the excellent Spoils) is now handling our Australian bookings so we’re looking forward to doing more Melbourne and national gigs later this year. Rooty Hill here we come!

Idge smiles.

James on the wurli

Back on the axe at last