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明 (Akira) – out now.

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Buy digital

Or buy limited edition Japanese obi physical CD (pictured)

No vinyl yet – might do a pressing in early next year.

Final Cab Games show, vinyl launch – Corner, Friday 17th July

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This is really it.

After two sell-out shows at Howler the Leaps & Bounds folks have twisted our arms to launch the double vinyl at one final show at Melbourne’s iconic Corner Hotel, on Friday July 17th with special guests the excellent Lost Animal. This will be a great time to grab a copy of the vinyl and with only 300 copies pressed worldwide and 200 already gone, this thing is already hugely collectable.

Pre-sale tickets here:
FB event page is here:

We’ll be keeping 100 copies to sell exclusively at our Sydney and final Melbourne show, with pre-payers getting the right to reserve copies to pick up at the end of the night.  For folks in Melbourne, you can also buy copies via our online store with the option to pickup at the end of the Corner show to save on postage.

And it’s quite the thing of beauty too.  Who the hell is stupid enough to do double vinyl in 2015?

Well – we are obviously…

You can buy it here.

Fourth album out Nov 7th

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Cab live at Tote Hotel, July 2014…

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Handheld recording of our Winterbound show at Melbourne’s beer stained and iconic Tote Hotel, recorded on handheld Tascam by Tim Niblock (thanks Tim Niblock!).  We welcome anyone interested enough to record our live sets.

Cab’s final show until Fourth Launch, Tote Sun July 20th

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We’re up to our arses in mixing and remixing tracks for the Fourth (it’s coming – no, really it is).  But one last gig before all that release malarky at the Tote on Sun July 20th.  It’ll be loose. Few surprises maybe…

Tix here:


Cab got gigs!

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We’re doing a few shows…

First up is an intimate club and full band show at Grace Darling’s Basement club on Friday May 3rd. This will be a late night show (doors 10pm) for people to come down and listen to tracks we’ve completed or are in the process of completing for the dreaded Fourth, see us perform them to various levels of quality, and then have a dance as we mix them up to a clubbish frenzy.   We have a special guest band joining us and the whole night is intended to be an excuse to get wrecked, particularly for Wes and Lucy who are fucking off overseas for a bit, as well as our long suffering Pozible supporters who have understandably written the whole thing off as a poorly performing investment along the lines of emu farming and the like.  This will be a fun, intimate gig. No it won’t –  we’ve CANCELLED this one (venue & PA is just too small).

For those of you near Newstead in country Vic, Cab will be playing a tripped up stripped back club set under the stars on Saturday May 4th as part of the Newstead short story tattoo. The organiser is one Neil Boyack, now an author, who played guitar with me, James and Steve Law in a fairly ordinary 90’s band called Foil. It’ll be good to have a drink with him and Chris Grierson (also an author who played bass in said same ordinary band) and celebrate all those shitty gigs we played way back when, as well as those we still have to play…

Then we’ll launch a new single at the NSC on Sunday 9th June (long weekend).  Not sure what we’ll launch.  But it’ll be a single.

As for the album, well, we’ve three songs to mix. But I have to write some lyrics.  So it’s close-ish, in a cab sort of way…

Performance enhanced mixing news…

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We’re slowly knocking off tracks for the Fourth with two done, another 8 ready to mix and two still needing some writing effort. Focus now is mixing and releasing next single Go Slow which will feature two additional tracks mixed by Tim Holmes – a 12″ style remix of Combat Boots plus new track Supermädchen. We’re aiming to get this single launched in October in Melbourne. As usual Cab work at a glacial pace but we treat every release as if it’ll be our last so we may as well get it right.

And for our beloved Pozible supporters, stay tuned for more news and prerelease previews…