Games of the XXI Olympiad (2014)

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Double-length 4th album released in 2014.

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“.. a triumph of artistic vision” 4.5 stars - The Age, Melbourne

"A thrilling artistic vision based on sporting achievement, an album unlike any other…. what they’ve achieved here is masterful." 4.5 stars - The Australian

“These 13 tracks stroke tension like an expert film score… transported you will be.” - 4.5 stars Stack Magazine

"... a magical history tour of electronica." 4 stars - Courier Mail

"..a challenging exploration of soundscapes and storytelling, ultimately rewarding and represents not only Black Cab in their element, but also a moment in history that deserves reliving." 4 stars, The Music, National

"..a vista from Kraftwerk to Joy Division, ambient layers of synth, guitar and kitchen sink" - Rolling Stone Australia

"It’s not just an evolution for the artist, but a worthy innovation for the genre in-itself, taking the best parts of '70’s psychedelic post-punk and injecting them with contemporary influences… It’s a strong, inventive new release.” - 4ZZZ FM, Brisbane CD Replication by Implant Media